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At Analysis Essays, we are committed to provide students the most affordable and original solution in essay writing. That’s why we have recently introduced the Flexible Payment Option to accommodate the needs of essay students. Continue to read below…

What’s It About?
The overwhelming requests from students for making payments in installments for their essays made us realize that most of the students are unable to pay for their essays in one go, due to their limited budget. If you too are facing a similar problem, then don’t worry! Through our Flexible Payment Option, you can pay for your essay in 3 small installments, instead of 1.

How Much Does It Cost?
This convenient payment option is available for an additional amount of $30, and provides you the desired flexibility in payment i.e. payment in 3 installments instead of 1. Given below is an example of how this option works:

If your 100-page essay is calculated at the rate of $15 per page and is due in 3 months (90 days), then you can pay your total amount = $1500 in 3 equal installments i.e. $500 per installment. To qualify for this amazing facility, all you have to do is to pay only $30 more as a down payment to the sum of your total amount. So your total amount would be $1500 + $30.

Payment Timeline:
You are going to pay your installments according to the following timeline:

1st Installment: 1st installment payment due at the time of your order placement i.e. now.

2nd Installment: 2nd installment payment due at the time of completion of 1/3rd of your deadline.
Example: If your deadline is of 90 days, then your 2nd payment would be due in 30 days.

3rd Installment: 3rd installment payment due at the time of completion of 2/3rd of your deadline.
Example: If your deadline is of 90 days, then your 3rd payment would be due in 60 days.
(Note: You are required to pay an additional $30 at the time of your 1st payment.)

To further clarify the above-mentioned example, just fill in your deadline and number of pages in the fields of the below given Flexible Payment Estimator. This estimator allows you to calculate and adjust your payment options in a quick and easy manner. The filled in number of pages would determine your price factor, whereas the filled in deadline would determine your due date for payment.

Flexible Payment Estimator:
Just enter your essay details in the fields given below and hit the [Estimate-My-Payment-Option] button.

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